Armor Plate 840 with fibers is a 100% filled, resilient, general purpose, bisphenol resin putty. AP 840 with fibers can be used to fill voids, level irregular surfaces, filet corners, seal FRP pipe joints or fill car bodies. It is extremely resistant to acids and oxidizing agents.

Chemical Resistance

Armor Plate 840 with fibers has excellent chemical resistance to acids and oxidizing agents. Contact the Wil-Cor, Inc. Technical Department for chemical resistance in specific service conditions


  • Can be applied up to 2 inches thick without cracking when using the AP 63 catalyst.
  • Good general purpose putty that is used for many maintenance, service and construction jobs.

Physical properties

Color Amber/Brown
Weight/Gallon 10.5 lbs
Solids Content 100%
Flashpoint (C.O.C.) 95 °F
Consistency viscous (vaseline)
Pot Life @ 70 °F 8-10 min.
Tensile Strength (ASTM D-638) @ 77 °F 9,100 psi
Flexural Strength (ASTM D-790) @ 77 °F 5,160 psi
Barcol Hardness (ASTM D-2563) 40-50
Shrinkage 0.0038%

Installation Recommendation

Wil-Cor, Inc. recommends supervision by Wil-Cor or that this product be installed by experienced fiberglass installers. Preparation, mixing and application information is provided for installers with adequate installation experience.


Mix resin (part A) and Catalyst (part B) at the job site, immediately prior to application. The pot life of the catalyzed resin is very short (8 to 10 min.), so only mix quantities that can be used during a 5 minute period.

The mixing ratio of Resin : Catalyst will vary with temperature. The catalyst is Armor Plate 60, methyl ethyl ketone peroxide for applications up to 1/4″ thick. Use Armor Plate 63 catalyst for applications from 1/4″ to 2″ thick. More catalyst is needed at lower temperatures, less is needed at higher temperatures. Use 1.5 to 2 oz. of catalyst for each gallon of resin. The pot life can be extended by using less catalyst.

Surface Preparation

A clean surface is necessary to properly apply AP 840 with fibers. Remove dirt, oil and other contaminants. All surfaces must be dry before the Armor Plate 840 with fibers is applied.


  • 1Armor Plate 840 with fibers is applied by putty knife, broad knife, or tongue depressor.
  • 2To smooth the AP 840 with fibers, brush with Armor Clean or acetone before it sets.
  • 3The Armor Plate 840 with fibers may be sanded after it has cured.


Armor Plate 840 with fibers is packaged in 1-quart, 1-gallon and 5-gallon containers.

Coverage and Estimating

The expected coverage of AP 840 with fibers is 231 cu. in./gal., which is 6.4 sq. ft./gal. at a thickness of 1/4 inch. The expected coverage of AP 840 with fibers is 13.5 cu. in./linear foot when it is used for 1.5″ coving material.

Shelf Life

The expected shelf life of the AP 840 with fibers in storage is 3 to 6 months if sealed tightly at temperatures around 75 °F.

Freight Classification

Resin Solution, Flammable Liquid


Armor Plate 840 with fibers components and mixes of both represent a number of hazards. Read and follow the hazard information and first aid directions on each product label before using.