Armor Plate 951 is a two-part, liquid, pumpable, underwater epoxy compound, applied to wet or submerged surfaces. Because of its ability to cure underwater and arrest corrosion, AP 951 is used for:

  • offshore rigs
  • bridges
  • bulkheads
  • docks and piers
  • concrete drainage ditches
  • underwater pipeline sleeves
  • well jackets
  • other equipment which cannot be coated and cured in a dry environment

AP 951 easily displaces water and can be used on equipment operating under various service conditions. Used onshore, as well as offshore, Armor Plate 951 can be modified to meet many different needs. Because of its relatively low viscosity, AP 951 is used in areas where Armor Plate 950 underwater putty cannot be used

Chemical Resistance

Armor Plate 951 has excellent chemical resistance to both fresh and salt water. AP 951 also resists petroleum solvents and dilute acids. Contact the Wil-Cor, Inc. Technical Department for chemical resistance of Armor Plate 950 in specific service conditions


  • Pumpable epoxy material – Can be applied directly to underwater equipment
  • Cures under water – Heavy waves do not retard the cure
  • Demonstrates excellent resistance to fresh and salt water conditions

Physical Properties

Resin (part A) Black
Cure (part B) White
Weight/Gallon 8.9 lbs
Flashpoint (C.O.C.)
Resin (part A) 475 °F
Cure (part B) 200 °F
Viscosity (Brookfield @ 77 °F) 10,000 cps
Consistency putty
Specific Gravity
Resin (part A) 1.16
Cure (part B) 0.972
Mixing Ratio (by vol.) Resin (pt A) : Cure (pt B) 1 : 1
Pot Life @ 75 °F 110 min.
Cure Time 12-48 hrs
Operating Temperature Range
Continuous High 175 °F
Continuous Low -300 °F
Barcol Hardness (Scale E) 20

Surface Preparation

A clean surface is necessary for proper bonding of the Armor Plate 951. Remove corrosion, dirt, oil and other contaminants. When coating marine surfaces, the surface should be cleaned from the top of the splash zone to two feet below low-tide water level.

Sandblasting works well underwater and is the preferred method for preparing surfaces for the AP 951 application. Oils may be removed with degreasing solvents or detergent. Concrete may be acid etched, sandblasted, or otherwise mechanically cleaned.

When the AP 951 is to be applied between the inner and outer cylinders, or sleeves, of product lines, first flush the space between the cylinders with a salt solution.


The Armor Plate 951 mixing ratio, by volume, is 1 part Resin (part A) to 1 part Cure (part B). Stir the two components together for at least 2 minutes, or until a homogenous mixture is obtained.


Armor Plate 951 coating may be applied with a brush or pump equipment. Cure time will vary with the temperature and surface conditions. Contact the Wil-Cor, Inc. Technical Department about pumping equipment and for more detailed application instructions.


Armor Plate 950 is available in stock sizes of two-gallon and ten-gallon units.

Coverage and Estimating

The estimated coverage of AP 951 is 160 sq. ft./gal. at a 10 mil thickness. Material losses during mixing and application must be considered when estimating.

Shelf Life

The shelf life of AP 951 is at least one year if kept in tightly sealed containers in a cool, dry location.

Freight Classification

Plastic Liquid, N.O.S.