Armor Plate 999MP is a three-component, high strength, 100% solids, epoxy grouting compound. It is primarily used to grout large machinery, support sole plates and rehabilitate concrete structures. Armor Plate 999MP exhibits early compressive strength, negligible shrinkage and is resistant to mechanical abuse and corrosive attack.

Armor Plate 999MP is an ideal grouting material for use in these and other applications:

  • Equipment grouting for pumps and compressors
  • Anchor bolt and rebar grouting
  • Repairing spalled concrete
  • Rebuilding concrete curbs
  • Repairing concrete columns and concrete bases
  • Deep pour applications to 12 inches


  • Easy to handle and place
  • No mixing ratios to measure
  • Packaged in pre-measured containers
  • Grouts machinery in final aligned position
  • Low exotherm for deeper pours
  • High early strength
  • High impact strength
  • Superior resistance to fatigue
  • Resistance to many chemicals
  • Impervious to oil
  • Moisture insensitive
  • Strong bond to metal and concrete
  • Unaffected by weathering and freeze/thaw cycling

Chemical Resistance

Armor Plate 999MP is resistant to alkalies, dilute acids, oils, salts and water. Contact the Wil-Cor, Inc. Technical Department for chemical resistance in specific service conditions.

Physical Properties

Color Gray
Viscosity Flowable Grout
Pot Life
@ 65 °F 5 hrs.
@ 77 °F 3.5 hrs.
@ 90 °F 2 hrs.
Pour Depth (one lift) 12 inches
Maximum Operating Temperature 150 °F
Shrinkage (ASTM C-531) 0.0005 in/in
Compressive Strength (ASTM C-579/Method B)
@ Ambient Temperature
11,800 psi
Tensile Strength (ASTM C-307-61) 2,410 psi
Flexural Strength (ASTM D-790) 4,680 psi


Armor Plate 999MP is packaged as a three-part, premeasured system of Resin (A), Cure (B), and Aggregate (C).

Resin and cure must be thoroughly mixed before aggregate is added. DO NOT add aggregate before resin and cure are properly mixed

Mix the AP 999MP according to the following instructions:

  • 1Add Armor Plate 999MP Cure (part B) to Armor Plate 999MP Resin (part A). DO NOT add Aggregate at this time.
  • 2Mix Resin and Cure thoroughly for at least 2 minutes. Use an electric mixing blade, a horizontal agitator, or other mechanical equipment suited for producing homogenous mix.
  • 3Pour the completely mixed AP 999MP Resin and Cure into a concrete or mortar mixer.
  • 4Add one-half of the AP 999MP Aggregate (part C) and mix until it is thoroughly wetted.
  • 5Add the remainder of the Aggregate and mix until all of the aggregate is thoroughly wetted.
  • 6For smaller batches use a 3/4″ drill and mix one (1) gallon with 50 lbs of Aggregate (part C).
  • 7To increase flow, solvent approved by Wil-Cor, Inc. may be added.

Surface Preparation

All surfaces (grout bed, sole plates) should be smooth, clean and free of oil. The mainframe surface should be smooth, bright metal. Sharp frets should be ground smooth and any voids should be filled with Armor Plate 990 Epoxy Putty.


Armor Plate 999MP is available in a pre-measured unit containing Component A (Resin), Component B (Cure/Hardener) and Component C (Aggregate), for a total weight per unit of 242 lbs. This unit yields 2.0 cu. ft. of mixed material.


Armor Plate 999MP cures quicker than other grouts, but the cure is thermally gentle. This allows thick pours to be made without causing the stress cracks often associated with a hot-curing epoxy grout.
Armor Plate 999MP may be used in any thickness greater than 1/2 inch (12mm); however, individual pours should generally not exceed 12 inches (31 cm) in thickness and 5.0 feet (1.1 m) in length.

Cure and Working Times
Temperature (°F) 100 95 90 85 80 75 70 65 60
Cure Time (hrs) 10 12 15 18 24 30 36 46 56
Working Time (min) 30 35 40 45 50 55 60 70 80

Additional Information

More detailed information regarding surface preparation, mixing and application of Armor Plate 999MP may be found in the Wil-Cor specification CES-999.


Do not use Armor Plate 999MP is base of the operating equipment to be grouted exceeds 150 °F on a continuous basis. If temperatures are greater, use Armor Plate 999 Heavy Equipment Grout.

Shelf Life

Armor Plate 999MP grout components must be kept dry. Both the epoxy liquid and aggregate must be stored in a dry shelter. Freezing will not harm any of the Armor Plate 999MP components. Parts A, B and C may be stored in sub-zero conditions, such as occur at Prudhoe Bay, Alaska. Both component A and B have a minimum 1 year in tightly sealed containers and Component C has an indefinite shelf life if kept dry.


  • Armor Plate 999MP is a low toxicity system, but allergic reaction may occur in some persons.
  • Use Armor Plate 999MP in well ventilated areas and avoid breathing fumes or aggregate dust.
  • Avoid skin contact if possible. Gloves and other protective equipment are recommended.
  • Use soap and water to thoroughly clean contaminated areas of the body.
  • In case of eye contact, thoroughly flush the eyes with water and seek immediate medical attention.