Armorcoat 969.2CFV is a ceramic-filled coating system designed for trowel or brush application to steel and concrete. It is used to protect the substrate against strong chemicals encountered in the chemical and related industries. AC 969.2CFV is used especially for lining internal surfaces of pumps. It is also excellent for tanks, trenches, pump pads and curbs where resistance to chemical attack from caustics, salts, solvents, dilute oxidizing acids and oils is required. AC 969.2CFV can be applied to vertical, overhead and horizontal surfaces by brush or roller at a thickness of 35 to 65 mils.


  • Resists 70% Sulfuric Acid.
  • Can be applied to vertical, overhead or horizontal surfaces.
  • Topping cures in the presence of moisture and adheres to damp concrete.
  • Topping cures rapidly and may be used within hours, depending on temperature and humidity conditions.
  • Topping has a high impact, tensile and bond strength for concrete and steel.
  • Towmotor traffic does not damage topping.

Chemical Resistance

Armorcoat 969.2CFV resists chemical attack from caustics, salts, solvents, dilute oxidizing acids and oil. Armorcoat 969.2CFV also resists sulfuric acid up to 70%.

Physical properties

part A (Resin) Gray
part B (Cure) Amber
Mixture Gray
Weight per Mixed Gallon 9.58 lbs
part A (Resin) 343 °F
part B (Cure) 320 °F
Consistency Trowelable
Specific Gravity 1.15
Pot Life @ 80 °F 15-20 min.
Cure Time @ 80 °F 4 hrs
Operating Temperature Range
Continuous Low -320 °F
Continuous High 200 °F
Bond To Concrete Greater Than Concrete
Tensile Strength, Bond to Steel(ASTM C-321) 2,400 psi
Shear Strength, Bond to Steel 2,400 psi
Compressive Strength (ANSI/ASTM C-109-80) 12,000 psi
Coefficient of Expansion, in/in/°F (72 °F-210 °F) Cured @ 75 °F 11.3 x 10-6
Shrinkage, unrestrained (ASTM D-531-63T) 0.005%

Surface Preparation

For Concrete Surfaces

  • 1 Old coatings and toppings must be removed.
  • 2 Surface must be sound and free of oil, grease and foreign materials.
  • 3 If contaminants are water soluble, hose with water and remove excess water with broom or air hose.
  • 4 Concrete maybe damp but must be free of standing water. (The drier the concrete, the better the bond.)

For Steel Surfaces

  • 1 Old coatings and toppings must be removed.
  • 2 Surface must be free of oil, grease and foreign materials.
  • 3 Sandblast the surface to near white metal with a 2.5 mil anchor pattern (SSPC-SP10), and remove dust before applying the Armorcoat 969.2CFV.


The resin (part A) and cure (part B) components of the AC969.2CFV system should be mixed together manually with a “paint type” stirring stick, spatula or any type broad blade which can thoroughly scrape both bottom and side of the mix container. DO NOT USE a powered, high RPM mixer, as this mode of mixing entraps air into the coating. Use a slow or variable speed drill motor for better results.

  • 1 Pot life of AC969.2CFV is short (10-15 min.), so only mix an amount that can be used in a 10-min. period.
  • 2 Mix the two components together until homogenous in color and no streaks appear.
  • 3 Remove the mixed material from the mixing container and place into a container reserved for the application process.
  • 4 Remix the mixed products lightly before the application process begins. This remixing will prevent any accidental application of unmixed material from the sides and bottom of the mixing container.


  • 1 Remix the AC969.2CFV slightly.
  • 2 Brush mixed AC969.2CFV onto the prepared surfaces to be coated. Use a trowel or moderately stiff bristled brush.
  • 3 The AC969.2CFV, after setting momentarily, will partially level and gloss over. It is not usually necessary to apply two coats of material because the thickness obtained with the first coat will usually be sufficient.
  • 4 If a second coat is desired, it must be applied over the first coat while the first coat is in its latter stage of gelling, when it is firm, but tacky to the touch.
  • 5 If the first coat is fully set to a hard, slick surface, it must be sanded or sandblasted to remove the slick finish before attempting to apply a second coat.


Armorcoat 969.2CFV is a two-component system that is available in a pre-packaged 1.2 gallon kit that has a 4:1 volume mix ratio. The estimated coverage for this kit is approximately 25 square feet.
Part A is 8.25 lbs and Part B is 1.33 lbs.

Coverage and Estimating

One gallon of Armorcoat 969.2CFV covers approximately 25 sq. ft. with a 1/16″ film thickness. The estimated coverage is 12.5 sq. ft./gal. For each 1/8 in. layer. The total membrane thickness will depend on the surface roughness and the required membrane buildup.