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AC-969 Secondary Containment Coating Epoxy Floor Topping

Armor Coat 969 is a 100% epoxy, chemical and wear resistant topping for concrete, wood and steel. Armorcoat 969 is a two-part liquid system to which sand or inert granules are added. The surface texture depends on the type and amount of the granules used. Thickness of the AC 969 is…

AC-969+ Secondary Containment Coating Epoxy Floor Topping

Armorcoat 969+ is a 100% modified epoxy topping which bonds to damp concrete, withstands 98% sulfuric, HCL, nitric acids, caustics and many chemicals. The topping is tough and has excellent wear resistance. Armorcoat 969+ is a two-part liquid system to which sand or caustic inert granules are…

AC-969.2CFV Ceramic-Filled Tank Lining

Armorcoat 969.2CFV is a ceramic-filled coating system designed for trowel or brush application to steel and concrete. It is used to protect the substrate against strong chemicals encountered in the chemical and related industries. AC 969.2CFV is used especially for lining internal surfaces of pumps.

ArmorPatchTM Phenolic Patch Kit

USDA approved Armorpatch is an aggregate-filled, 4-component (components A,B,C and activator) rapid setting compound for many different substrates including concrete. Armorpatch is easily mixed and put into place. Armorpatch exhibits an excellent trowelability and will support foot and wheeled…