Armorchock is a high strength, two-part epoxy-based inert filled grouting material. Armorchock was designed and engineered to meet chocking and supporting requirements for machinery and critical alignment installations involving equipment such as compressors, turbines, gas and diesel engines, etc.


  • Provides deeper pour capabilities.
  • Retains more of its physical properties at higher operating temperatures.
  • Excellent flow and self-leveling characteristics.
  • Easy mixing, pre-measured components.
  • Excellent chemical resistance.
  • Can be placed at temperatures as low as 50 °F
  • Rapid cure – minimum down time.
  • 100% load bearing.

Chemical Resistance

Armorchock is resistant to strong caustics, mild acids, oils, grease, water, steam, salts and solvents. Contact the Wil-Cor, Inc. Technical Department for chemical resistance in specific service conditions.

Physical Properties

Part A (Resin) Black
Part B (Cure) Amber
Part A & B Mixed (Cured) Black
Consistency Flowable/Self-Leveling
Specific Gravity 1.66
Pot Life
@ 60 °F 50 min
@ 80 °F 15-20 min
@ 90 °F 10-15 min
Cure Time
@ 50 °F 48 hrs
@ 70 °F 18 hrs
above 70 °F 12 hrs
Pour Depth 1.25″(min.) – 2.75″(max.)
Compressive Strength (ASTM C-579/Method B) 17,933 psi
Barcol Hardness 45
Shrinkage (ASTM D-256) 0.00017 in./in.


  • 1The pot life of Armorchock is short. Only mix a quantity of Armorchock that can be used before hardening begins. DO NOT mix Armorchock until sealing and damming have been completed.
  • 2Armorchock part A (resin) is provided in an oversized container which provides free space to accommodate the addition of the Armorchock part B (cure) and to provide sufficient mixing space. Add Armorchock part B to Armorchock part A. Pour the entire contents of the part B container into the part A container.
  • 3Mix at 100 rpm to 200 rpm with a powered mixing blade for three (3) to four (4) minutes. Take care to avoid splashing or incorporating air into the mixture.

Surface Preparation

All surfaces (grout bed, sole plates) should be smooth, clean and free of oil. The mainframe surface should be smooth, bright metal. Sharp frets should be ground smooth and any voids should be filled with Armor Plate 990 Epoxy Putty.


Armorchock is a two-component system that is available in a 265 cubic inch kit.


  • 1Provide a form that is 0.75″ higher than the top of the chock and 0.75″ wider than the chock so as to provide a material reservoir and head. This additional space will reduce voids and air entrapment in the pour.
  • 2Pour mixed Armorchock into forms. When pouring Armorchock do not scrape unmixed material from the side of the mix container into the chock area.

Shelf Life

The shelf life of Armorchock is more than 1 year.

Freight Classification

National Motor Freight

  • Armorchock part A (resin): Chemicals No I
  • Armorchock part B (cure): Chemicals NOBIM

DOT Hazard Description

  • Armorchock part A (resin): Combustible Liquid NOS
  • Armorchock part B (cure): Corrosive Liquid NOS


  • Causes eye irritation.
  • May cause allergic skin reaction.
  • Avoid breathing vapor or mist.
  • Wear a dusk mask when grinding.
  • Do not get into eyes, on skin or clothing.